Frequently Asked Questions

Adding your courses and grades (actual or projected) allows the Fosterway algorithm to calculate your custom eligibility for a given program.  It will also let you know what you are missing in order to be eligible for that program.

It is never too early to begin your research into post-secondary education.  fosterway wants to help you plan accordingly.  If you are in Grade 9 or 10 and have an interest in a particular degree program, we can inform you what courses you will need to take the following year to stay on the right path and let you know if you are off the path and need to circle back to pick up a course to get back on track.

Although it is not mandatory to do so, adding your Grade 9 and 10 courses and grades provides additional information to recruiting schools around the type of student you are.  It can be an indicator for a number of things.

Universities and Colleges are always looking to help students succeed in their interests.  They often hold summer camps and events and with this information they can reach out to you directly via Fosterway to inform you of these events.

Your profile is private and will only be seen by interested schools and your high school guidance team provided they have registered with Fosterway Inc.

More and more, Universities and Colleges are seeking well-rounded individuals. This information is valuable, and often a differentiator in a competitive academic environment.

In the event you can not find your high school course, please email us at (we know you hate email and are working on a easier method)

Your High School Guidance Team and University and College Recruiters must register with fosterway Inc.  In the event they have not done this, they will not have access to reach you.  Ask your Guidance Team to reach out to us through the website “Get Started” forms.